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Dental bridges are a great way to fill gaps from missing teeth.

Dental bridges connect specially made replacement teeth together to ‘bridge’ the gap between missing teeth. Depending on the type, they can be attached to real teeth, crowns or implants and are usually made of porcelain.


The Traditional Bridge


This is the most common type of bridge. It consists of one or more pontics (replacement teeth) and are held in place by dental crowns on either side.

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Cantiliver Bridges


This is a great option for replacing just one missing tooth. The pontic is supported by a tooth on only one side.


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Maryland Bridge


This is a conservative alternative to traditional bridges. They consist of a pontic held by metal or porcelain framework. They are bonded to the back of the adjacent teeth of the missing tooth.


Implant – Supported Bridges


Instead of being supported by a crown, these bridges are supported by implants. They are secure, comfortable and can replace multiple missing teeth.

Dental Bridge

Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is a dental bridge?

Every mouth and every dental bridge is different. Fixed bridges are usually extremely strong and reliable. They can last from 5 – 15 years depending on your oral hygiene and level of care.

What is the best option for replacing a missing tooth?

Implants are the best dental option for replacing a missing tooth, as they are the strongest and most reliable option while also being the best for your surrounding natural teeth.

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