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Having problems with your wisdom teeth?

Don’t suffer any longer with wisdom teeth pain. Talk to us about having them removed by highly experienced dentists to minimise complications.

We aim to make the process as painless as possible. Sedation and IV Sedation are available.


What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the four adult teeth at the very back of your mouth.

Why do we often remove them?

  • A lot of the time there is not enough room for them to come in, or they come in in the wrong position
  • There may be some pushing to the teeth next to them, causing other teeth in your mouth to move.
  • These teeth often get infected.
  • Cysts can sometimes develop under them.

What is next?

Make an appointment with us, and we will take an X-ray to assess your treatment and options. Most of the wisdom teeth extractions are done in-house by our highly qualified and skilled dentists.

How much will it cost?

Wisdom teeth removal costs varies in range depending on the complexity of the case. Costs will be discussed at your assessment appointment, and there are different payment options and plans available.

Virtual Consultation / Teledentistry

Looking for a virtual consult? Are you:

  • Nervous about visiting the dentist?
  • Short on time?
  • Not feeling well?
  • Unable to travel?
  • Just want a second opinion?

Our teledentistry phone consults can help direct you on the best course of action for your dental needs, and could even save you from making a trip to see us.

Virtual Consultation - Services available at the tooth place

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