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Have you chipped or heavily broken a tooth?

Porcelain Crowns available at The Tooth Place

A porcelain crown might be for you!

When you are missing one or more than 60% of the tooth structure, there is not much left to hold a normal filling on. In these situations a crown can be the ideal treatment to save and hold your tooth together.

Crowns are made in two appointments:

APPOINTMENT 1: During the first appointment we remove the decay, old fillings, and fractures. We take an impression and send it to the lab so they can custom make your porcelain crown. While they make it, we place a temporary crown on to protect the tooth in between appointments.

Our lab proudly hand makes the crown using high quality porcelain materials.

Veneers treatment available at The Tooth Place

APPOINTMENT 2: In the second visit, we remove the temporary crown and cement the porcelain crown that has been handmade for you. We make sure it feels comfortable, and you leave with a brand-new tooth to fill your smile!

Porcelain Crowns Before & Afters


Virtual Consultation / Teledentistry

Looking for a virtual consult? Are you:

  • Nervous about visiting the dentist?
  • Short on time?
  • Not feeling well?
  • Unable to travel?
  • Just want a second opinion?

Our teledentistry phone consults can help direct you on the best course of action for your dental needs, and could even save you from making a trip to see us.

Virtual Consultation - Services available at the tooth place

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